Chief Financial Officer – DRC

Democratic Republic of the Congo
$80,000 - $100,000


Job Description :

  • Our client is a global finance insti­tu­tion serving their custo­mers across 5 continents.
  • The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be respon­sible for mana­ging all finance and accoun­ting acti­vi­ties in DRC, ensu­ring the orga­ni­sa­tion is pursuing its mission while maxi­mi­zing effi­ciency and redu­cing risk.
  • The CFO will parti­ci­pate as a member of the Management Team/Board, sharing respon­si­bi­lity for the overall orga­ni­sa­tion perfor­mance, and making deci­sions on mate­rial issues.

Responsibilities :

  • Generation of finan­cial state­ments accor­ding to local accoun­ting standards.
  • Reporting to rele­vant local autho­ri­ties (central bank, tax office, etc.).
  • Reporting to hub.
  • Analyse finan­cial data and deve­lop finan­cial analy­sis as a key mana­ge­ment tool with the aim of opti­mi­zing acti­vi­ties : iden­tify risks, inef­fi­cien­cies, negative.
  • tenden­cies, and propose measures that reduce risks, impro­ving effi­ciency, and reverse nega­tive tendencies.
    Create/modify proce­dures such that they are low-risk and efficient.
  • Ensure compliance with finan­cial cove­nants in agree­ments with credi­tors and donors.
  • Create cash flow forecasts.
  • Ensure avai­la­bi­lity of suffi­cient resources for lending in the requi­red currency.
  • Manage all finan­cial tran­sac­tions with credi­tors, banks, donors.
  • Manage the plan­ning and budge­ting process.
  • Act as the coor­di­na­tor and main contact person with exter­nal auditors.
  • Keep all Management Team/Board members infor­med about rele­vant issues/developments in finance activities.
  • Participate/vote in deci­sion-making (with Management Team/Board Members) on rele­vant “Finance” and “Non-Finance” issues.
  • Manages rela­tion­ships with all Lenders, both local and exter­nal, in concert with the Head Quarter.

Requirements – Qualification and Skill :

  • Excellent business/managerial compe­ten­cies : analy­ti­cal thin­king, nego­tia­tion, people mana­ge­ment, cost conscious­ness, outs­tan­ding commu­ni­ca­tion skills (writ­ten and oral), ability to deli­ver quality work product, inte­grity & ethics.
  • Extensive expe­rience, plus 10 years leader­ship roles in best-prac­tice finan­cial mana­ge­ment of a company, desi­ra­bly a finan­cial services.
  • Good unders­tan­ding of IT in finan­cial management.
  • Master’s Degree in Business, Finance, Economics, Management (or equi­va­lent). CPA, or Chartered Accountancy quali­fi­ca­tions (desi­rable).
  • Experience in DRC, West/Central Africa.
  • Fluency in English and French.
  • Availability to travel 25% of the time.

Benefits and Contractual information :

  • Open to expa­triate candi­dates / 10+ years Financial Executive roles in Africa.