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Chief Mine Engineer

West Africa
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Job Description :

  • We have an excellent oppor­tu­nity for an expe­rien­ced Chief Mine Engineer.
  • Reporting to the Technical Services Director, the Chief Engineer will lead mine tech­ni­cal services func­tions – respon­sible for plan­ning, drawings, cost control, geotech­ni­cal, and engi­nee­ring leader­ship, for an inter­na­tion gold mining project loca­ted in West Africa.

Responsibilities :

The role will be respon­sible of :

  • Carry out the plans, drawings and opti­mi­za­tions of the pits in addi­tion to ensu­ring their execution.
  • Work closely with mine geology team and mining operations.
  • Determine the best method of extrac­tion that is effec­tive and safe.
  • Plan, super­vise mining work in the short, medium and long term.
  • Coordinate the work of the teams under your supervision.
  • Ensure avai­la­bi­lity of ore at the plant as requi­red for opera­tions and planning.
  • Track costs in areas under your supervision.
  • Maximize produc­ti­vity and also ensure flui­dity of operations.
  • Optimization of the mining sequence that responds to various opera­tio­nal constraints.
  • Ensure the stabi­lity of rock walls of open pits (geotech­ni­cal).
  • Coordinate engi­nee­ring work for both pits and under­ground operations.

Requirements – Qualification and Skill :

We are looking for an expe­rien­ced Chief Mining Engineer with :

  • A bache­lor’s degree in mining engineering.
  • At least 10 years of expe­rience in mining engi­nee­ring, prefe­ra­bly in open pit and / or under­ground gold fields.
  • At least 5 years super­vi­sing work teams.
  • Strong Leadership skills.
  • Proficiency in mode­ling, opti­mi­za­tion and plan­ning tools such as Micromine, Gemcom, Vulcan, Datamine, Whittle, MineSched.
  • Geotechnical expe­rience would be an asset.
  • Bilingual (French and English) oral and written.
  • Must have expe­rience working in a deve­lo­ping country.
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