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Civil and Structural Superintendent

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Job Description :

We are currently recrui­ting for a French / English spea­king Civil / Structural Superintendent with exten­sive Mining and Minerals expe­rience to be based in Mauritania.

Responsibilities :

  • Review the PMP and ensure compliance with all aspects affec­ting construc­tion works.
  • Implement and enforce the project Health, Safety and Environmental, (HSE), policy, proce­dures and plans in close coope­ra­tion with the HSE Advisors on the project.
  • Identify poten­tial HSE hazards in the area toge­ther with contrac­tors working in the area and to ensure imple­men­ta­tion of risk treat­ment plans by the contrac­tors in consul­ta­tion with the assi­gned HSE Advisor to your area.
  • Work with the Site Safety Officer for the imple­men­ta­tion of all aspects of the Safety Management Plan inclu­ding audits of the contrac­tors’ areas, correc­tive action notices, acci­dent / inci­dent inves­ti­ga­tions repor­ting, issue of access permits, job analy­sis, conduc­ting addi­tio­nal safety meetings as and when requi­red, etc.
  • Liaise with the Site Quality Coordinator and Site Engineering, for quality of work in your area.
  • Review construc­tion / erec­tion drawings and speci­fi­ca­tions prepa­red for the project, deve­lop stra­te­gies for erec­tion inter­faces and pre-empt problem areas and ensure that the contrac­tor correctly inter­prets drawings, speci­fi­ca­tions and schedules.
  • Assist in plan­ning construc­tion methods and proce­dures. Coordinate engi­nee­ring or construc­tion problems with the Construction Manager and ensure contrac­tors prepare method state­ments and risk assess­ments in accor­dance with the requi­re­ments of their contracts.
  • Minimize inter­face problems and project delay by coor­di­na­ting the opera­tions of the different contrac­tors and recom­men­ding the order of work.
  • Undertake speci­fic site plan­ning duties in areas of concern or for addi­tio­nal works and ensure inclu­sion of the effect in the overall project schedule.
  • Liaise with the project office, rele­vant Field Engineers or others if neces­sary to resolve discre­pan­cies during the construc­tion of the project work and assist in the resol­ving of Technical Queries.
  • Supervise the work of contrac­tors to ensure that sche­dule, design and speci­fi­ca­tion requi­re­ments are achie­ved. Arrange the prompt response to all queries, issues, changes, etc. raised by contractors.
  • Provide all reaso­nable assis­tance and coope­ra­tion to contrac­tors in the execu­tion of their work.
  • Oversee the work of consul­tants invol­ved in the construc­tion work and coun­ter­sign time sheets, invoices, etc. for payment purposes
  • Coordinate and over­view the work of all vendor person­nel enga­ged in construc­tion work.
  • Liaise with local autho­ri­ties, client repre­sen­ta­tives, contrac­tors and other person­nel as requi­red to ensure shut­downs, relo­ca­tions, cutins, etc. are carried out safely and in a timely manner with mini­mum disruption.
  • Develop and main­tain good rela­tions with local compa­nies adja­cent to the site, statu­tory autho­ri­ties asso­cia­ted with the project and other groups to ensure the best construc­tion outcome for the client. Ensure adhe­rence to all statu­tory requi­re­ments affec­ting the project site.
  • Carry out regu­lar site inspec­tions of all work and issue direc­tions / instruc­tion to contrac­tors within the limit of autho­rity either directly or through subordinates.
  • Exercise budge­tary control to ensure costs are not excee­ded without proper authority.
  • Monitor contrac­tor progress against sche­dule and report slip­pages to the Construction Manager.
  • Propose measures to contrac­tor and Construction Manager on how to reco­ver lost time and to main­tain schedule.
  • Arrange measu­re­ment of progress on all contracts for repor­ting and progress claim purposes.

Requirements – Qualification and Skill :

  • Degree / Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • Have a thorough unders­tan­ding of the OHS Act, Mines Health and Safety Act and SANS 10142.
  • Good engi­nee­ring knowledge.
  • Experience in earth­works and infra­struc­ture development.
  • Experience in concrete struc­tures and struc­tu­ral steel.
  • Experience in provi­ding design input into projects within an EPCM environment.
  • Experience with road buil­ding, earth­works and civil structures.
  • Have a thorough unders­tan­ding of permit to work prac­tices and lockout procedures.
  • Understanding of cost and finan­cial impli­ca­tions of deci­sions made, as these relate to a project.
  • Working know­ledge of AutoCad.
  • Solid know­ledge of construc­tion contracts.
  • Thorough unders­tan­ding of construc­tion metho­do­lo­gies in his discipline.
  • French / English spea­king – not negotiable.
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