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Electrical Project Engineer – Morocco

Laâyoune, Maroc
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Description :

  • The primary respon­si­bi­lity of the Project Engineer is to ensure the tech­ni­cal inte­grity of the project inclu­ding compliance with the project scope, project speci­fi­ca­tions, accep­ted good engi­nee­ring prac­tices, clients work processes, project sche­dule and overall budget.
  • Project engi­neer is typi­cally assi­gned the respon­si­bi­lity of a large project or multiple small projects, and performs the work under the direc­tion of project manager.
  • It is an admi­nis­tra­tive posi­tion requi­ring the exer­cise of discre­tion and inde­pendent judg­ment in the coor­di­na­tion of the various aspects of a project operation.

Functional responsibilities :

  • Oversees the engi­nee­ring acti­vity (all disci­plines) on a small project, or desi­gna­ted portions of a project for a global busi­ness unit.
  • Plans and directs engi­nee­ring assi­gn­ments on the project.
  • Have tech­ni­cal respon­si­bi­li­ties for inter­pre­ting, orga­ni­zing, execu­ting and coor­di­na­ting these assignments.
  • Supervises the engi­nee­ring acti­vity on a rela­tive small size project or desi­gna­ted portions of a larger project.
  • May exer­cise opera­tio­nal super­vi­sion over other project engi­neers when in a desi­gna­ted lead position.

Required experience and qualifications :

  • BS or MS in an Engineering field with a mini­mum of 6 years’  of rela­ted expe­rience in engi­nee­ring (Control Systems or Electrical preferred).
  • Professional Engineering certi­fi­ca­tion in rela­ted disci­pline preferred.
  • Refinery work expe­rience is preferred.
  • Demonstrated strong know­ledge of indus­try stan­dards and design crite­ria within the engi­nee­ring industry.
  • Strong know­ledge of HSE proce­dures and practices.
  • Proficient know­ledge of project engi­nee­ring processes and procedures.
  • Proficient execu­tion plan­ning skills.
  • Strong in orga­ni­zing and mana­ging complex engi­nee­ring activities.
  • Working know­ledge of project control systems.
  • Working know­ledge of the EPC busi­ness and TIC esti­ma­ting processes.
  • Knowledge of propo­sals and bid processes.
  • Understands engi­nee­ring esti­mate basis.
  • Understands contrac­tual requi­re­ments for the project.
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