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Global Performance Engineer

Lagos, Nigeria
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Description :

  • For our client, a leading inter­na­tio­nal Oil&Gas orga­ni­sa­tion in Nigeria, we are sear­ching for a Global Performance Engineer to be hired on a perma­nent basis and loca­ted in Lagos.
  • The Global Performance Engineer parti­ci­pates in contract support efforts and will be given oppor­tu­nity to broa­den tech­ni­cal, busi­ness, influence and leader­ship skills based on inter­est, busi­ness need, and performance.
  • The role would include into front end engi­nee­ring and tender docu­men­ta­tion prepa­ra­tion, and conti­nue through detai­led engi­nee­ring, procu­re­ment, construc­tion, systems comple­tion and start-up.

Functional responsibilities :

  • Assurance review of floa­ting systems, mooring, station keeping aspects, riser and flow­line design docu­ments inclu­ding reports, studies, drawings, speci­fi­ca­tions and data­sheets to ensure they meet project requi­re­ments and comply with appli­cable company guide­lines, International Codes and Standards.
  • Ensure the timely closure of outs­tan­ding engi­nee­ring issues inclu­ding mooring station keeping, mooring hard­ware, riser struc­tu­ral design, buck­ling and walking design, other mecha­ni­cal design issues, flexible inte­grity risks and geohazards.
  • Support the review of engi­nee­ring devia­tions and clarifications.
  • Ensure the mana­ge­ment of engi­nee­ring design changes hand­ling, tracking and closure of all actions to and from subcontractor.
  • Support other engi­nee­ring acti­vi­ties as direc­ted by projects inclu­ding risk assess­ments, HAZOPs, inte­grity mana­ge­ment and repair stra­te­gies, collec­tion of pipe­line lessons and experiences.
  • Clear unders­tan­ding of Mooring and Riser indus­try guide­lines from clas­si­fi­ca­tion agen­cies and local gover­ning bodies.
  • Understanding global and component mecha­ni­cal design and use of mate­rial selec­tion into the design, engi­nee­ring criti­cal analy­sis, strength and fatigue check.

Required experience and qualifications :

  • Bachelors or Masters of Science with a Degree in Mechanical, Civil, Ocean/Naval or Materials Engineering (or rela­ted discipline).
  • At least 4–7 years of expe­rience in floa­ting systems and or riser and/or flow­line engi­nee­ring design, and know­ledge rela­ted to fabri­ca­tion and/or instal­la­tion acti­vi­ties for upstream oil and gas projects is a plus.
  • Interest in global relo­ca­tion and geogra­phic flexibility.
  • Preferred know­ledge, skills, abili­ties in Design and Analyze Global Performance of FPSOs.
  • Perform floa­ting systems Hydrostatic stabi­lity calcu­la­tion, Wave Diffraction & Radiation analy­sis (e.g. WAMIT).
  • Proficient in riser analy­sis (static, dyna­mic, fatigue and inter­fe­rence analysis).
  • Skill in anchor design, geotech­ni­cal aspects is a plus.
  • Hands on expe­rience using Hydrodynamic and global perfor­mance riser analy­sis soft­ware is requi­red and expe­rience with using Orcaflex is a plus.
  • Ability to adapt to tight dead­lines and frequent changes in priorities.
  • Strong leader­ship, influen­cing, and inter­per­so­nal skills.
  • Strong orga­ni­za­tio­nal, coor­di­na­tion, plan­ning, and inter­face skills.
  • Excellent commu­ni­ca­tion skills (writ­ten and verbal).
  • Familiar with deep water riser and flow­line quali­fi­ca­tion, fabri­ca­tion, welding/inspection, and instal­la­tion methods.
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