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Senior Mechanical Engineer

Johannesburg, South Africa
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Overview :

  • Our client is an inter­na­tio­nal oil and gas company seeking an expe­rien­ced and quali­fied Senior Mechanical Engineer for his exis­ting opera­tions in South Africa.

Qualification and Skills :

  • Knowledge & expe­rience with MS Office packages (create spread­sheets, regis­ters, reports, presen­ta­tions, work­flows, etc.).
  • Knowledge of project requi­re­ments as they relate to scope, cost and schedule.
  • Specialist Knowledge of Codes of prac­tice rele­vant to industry.
  • Extensive Knowledge of National and International Standards.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Mechanical Engineering Design & Principles.
  • Proficient with Engineering tools and Software.
  • Knowledge and ability to perform Technical Evaluations for stan­dard and non-stan­dard (requi­si­tio­ned) mate­rials and construc­tion contracts and to be part of construc­tion bid evalua­tion meetings.
  • Knowledge of Project Planning, Cost control,  procu­re­ment & contracts Processes inclu­ding docu­ment control.
  • Knowledge of Forms of Contracts.

Requirements :

  • BSC Mechanical Engineering.
  • Pr Eng Registration.
  • 10–15 years expe­rience in EPC/EPCM envi­ron­ment, Petro Chemical, Oil & Gas or Similar environment.
  • Extensive Experience in vessels, piping and rota­ting machinery.
  • Multi-Office Project Experience.
  • Multi-Project Phase Experience.
  • Specialist expe­rience in static and rotating.
  • Management of  Medium scale Capital Projects.
  • Experience in site progress measures.
  • Experience in Managing Projects and Project Teams.
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