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Senior Mining Engineer

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The Company :

For our client, a leading mining orga­ni­sa­tion, we are sear­ching for a Senior French-spea­king Mining Engineer. The role will be resi­den­tial based in Pacific Region.

Responsibilities :

The incumbent parti­ci­pates directly in the esta­blish­ment of the various phases of the budget, in consul­ta­tion with the Head of Center, the head of the geology depart­ment, Mine Director and the various other offi­cials of the Center.

  • It plays a leading role in the defi­ni­tion of exploi­ta­tion sequences, mining studies as part of the 5‑year plan, the mining process and the mining map, which implies studies and propo­sals, parti­cu­larly in terms of invest­ment. For this, the incumbent keeps himself infor­med of the evolu­tion of the tech­niques (readings, visits of the mines, internships).
  • He must keep a watch on the concepts of mining.
  • Implements the means allo­wing the center to achieve these objec­tives of production.
  • Ensures that the mani­pu­la­ted and the produc­tion are well in line with the projects.
  • Actively parti­ci­pates in the safety approach, raises staff aware­ness of safety objec­tives, and proposes and makes arran­ge­ments to improve the working condi­tions and the protec­tion of its agents. Conducts causal analyzes of dysfunction.
  • Establishes and promotes mana­ge­ment tools (monthly reports, daily follow-ups).
  • Leads his team of mana­gers. He works perma­nently with his mine mana­ger (who runs the day-to-day opera­tions) and with his opera­tions engi­neer (who runs the mining plan).
  • Work in colla­bo­ra­tion with the main­te­nance depart­ment and parti­ci­pate in the proper func­tio­ning of the machines and their availability.
  • Made impro­ve­ments to opti­mize the orga­ni­za­tion or stream­line it, ex adap­ta­tion of team size, road openings and land­fills, deve­lop­ment of firing plans, …

Requirements – Qualification and Skill :

The exer­cise of these multiple acti­vi­ties implies on behalf of the holder :

  • Master’s + 5 degree in mining engi­nee­ring with at least 7 to 10 years of profes­sio­nal experience.
  • A strong mana­ge­ment capacity.
  • Technical know­ledge in various fields, asso­cia­ted with a good indus­trial experience.
  • Ability to iden­tify, use and deve­lop staff skills.
  • Fluent level of French and English.
  • Availability, initia­tive, sense of orga­ni­za­tion, rigor, team spirit and diplomacy.
  • Good know­ledge of tech­ni­cal English and fluency in office tools.
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