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Senior Process Engineer

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Description :

We are currently sear­ching for a Senior Process Engineer to provide process tech­ni­cal support to Operations, leads projects for conti­nuous impro­ve­ment in plant perfor­mance and mentors other engi­neers. These acti­vi­ties deli­ver sustai­nable gains in process safety, plant through­put and econo­mic efficiency.

Functional responsibilities :

  • Be aware and comply with rele­vant HSEQ legal and other requirements.
  • Provide tech­ni­cal guidance, problem solving and advice to the opera­tio­nal teams in the different unit processes.
  • Management of the opera­ting team in moni­to­ring and impro­ving the hydro­me­tal­lur­gi­cal process performances.
  • Support impro­ve­ments in effi­ciency of opera­tions and services.
  • Lead and provide process engi­nee­ring services to support plant modi­fi­ca­tions and capi­tal projects and ensure that engi­nee­ring speci­fi­ca­tions and all company safety and envi­ron­ment poli­cies are adhe­red to and incor­po­ra­ted into any process design.
  • Develop, imple­ment and main­tain opera­tio­nal procedures.
  • Provide mentor­ship, guidance and coaching, leading to the growth and deve­lop­ment of other process engineers.
  • Develop opera­tor and engi­neer trai­ning mate­rial and parti­ci­pate in trai­ning, perform and provide process design for plant modi­fi­ca­tions and capi­tal projects, compri­sing engi­nee­ring deli­ve­rables such as process design basis, process design calcu­la­tions, process data­sheets, PFDs, flow sheets with mass and energy balances, process engi­nee­ring calcu­la­tions inclu­ding hydrau­lic calcu­la­tions, P&IDs, equip­ment sizing and other process deliverables.
  • Provide or assist in prepa­ra­tion of process tech­ni­cal reports to various levels of mana­ge­ment on issues rela­ted to process safety, envi­ron­men­tal perfor­mance, extrac­tive metal­lurgy, metal reco­ve­ries, opera­ting costs and other process parameters.
  • Provide mentor­ship, guidance and coaching, leading to the growth and deve­lop­ment of other process engineers
  • Driving down bottle­ne­cking projects inclu­ding exis­ting process opti­mi­za­tion and new process proposals.

Required experience and qualifications :

  • An engi­nee­ring degree (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree) in Chemical Engineering or Metallurgical Engineering.
  • Registered Professional Engineer or eligible for registration.
  • At least 10–15 years of expe­rience in a complex high pres­sure hydro­me­tal­lur­gi­cal complex, refi­nery opera­tion or chemi­cal industry.
  • Experience in plant start-up and ramp-up from green field project is a defi­nite asset.
  • Experience in process impro­ve­ments and process design, in chemi­cal, utility, petro­chem­cial or metal­lur­gi­cal operations.
  • Strong back­ground in process engi­nee­ring and process tech­no­lo­gies with empha­sis on hydro­me­tal­lur­gi­cal plant operations.
  • Excellent tech­ni­cal abili­ties to perform problem solving, process risk assess­ment, process engi­nee­ring calcu­la­tions such as mass & energy balances, fluid dyna­mics, heat & mass trans­fer calculations.
  • Strong back­ground in project engi­nee­ring, inclu­ding all aspects of project mana­ge­ment and control.
  • Solid back­ground in process safety and profi­cient with opera­tion and process safety risk assess­ment (Hazop, Fault tree, etc.).
  • Demonstrated track record of impro­ving and de-bottle­ne­cking processes.
  • Proficient with compu­ter appli­ca­tions inclu­ding Microsoft products and specia­li­zed packages.
  • Excellent oral and writ­ten commu­ni­ca­tion skills in English, fluency in French is a defi­nite asset.
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