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Shift Supervisor Mining

West Africa
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Description :

For our client, a leading inter­na­tio­nal mining orga­ni­sa­tion in West Africa, we are sear­ching for a Shift Supervisor Mining with depth and demons­tra­ted expe­rience in the coor­di­na­tion of daily opera­tions during shifts for their various mining opera­tions. Using their exper­tise, they will ensure a high produc­ti­vity rate in diffi­cult under­ground working experiences.

Functional responsibilities :

  • Oversee the day-to-day opera­tion of shift workers and equip­ment usage at an under­ground mine site.
  • Ensure all workers on shift are trai­ned and competent to always perform their duties safely and productively.
  • Training of National Supervisors and work­force to a high standard.
  • Ensure targets are met.
  • Organize crews, rosters and day-to-day running of that site.
  • Conduct daily work plan­ning meetings / tool­box meetings.
  • Submit inci­dent reports in writing to the Site Manager.
  • Carry out crew trai­ning, prac­ti­cal assess­ments and review each employee’s deve­lop­ment, mento­ring and performance.
  • Must always set high stan­dards and always do processes the right way no matter the diffi­culty of task.
  • Expected to present your­self and, by asso­cia­tion, the company in a respect­ful and consi­de­rate manner that is aligned to company principles.
  • Will be requi­red to impart know­ledge and skill onto local work­force that has a posi­tive effect on local communities.
  • Engage in cultu­ral aware­ness acti­vi­ties and trai­ning to help with your inter­ac­tions with the local employees and communities.
  • Must be patient, unders­tan­ding and behave as an appre­cia­tive guest in the coun­try you are enga­ged for.
  • Must be resi­lient and able to work through chal­len­ging situations.
  • Ensure main­te­nance and regu­la­tion of all persons under your charge.
  • Provide and main­tain a mine envi­ron­ment that is safe and without inor­di­nate risk to the health of employees within your area of responsibility.

Required experience and qualifications :

  • Minimum 5 years’ expe­rience in a high-speed deve­lop­ment mecha­ni­zed mine.
  • Strong back­ground working with under­ground mining equipment.
  • WA Underground Shift Supervisors’ Certificate of Competency of equivalent.
  • High level of unders­tan­ding of drilling and blas­ting techniques.
  • High level of unders­tan­ding of both equip­ment and human resource capa­bi­lity and productivities.
  • High level of unders­tan­ding of mine plans.
  • Expatriate expe­rience ideal.


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