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Site Materials Manager

Afrique de l'Ouest
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Description :

  • For our client, a leading inter­na­tio­nal mining orga­ni­sa­tion in West Africa, we are looking for an expe­rien­ced and quali­fied Site Materials Manager.
  • Reporting to the Site Manager, the Site Materials Manager is respon­sible for recei­ving, storing, main­te­nance of mate­rials and control­ling all pre-purcha­sed equip­ment and mate­rials recei­ved on site until it is trans­fer­red to the contractors.

Functional responsibilities :

  • Manages and directs the receipt, storage and main­te­nance, repor­ting and main­tai­ning of records of all inco­ming mate­rials and equip­ment pre-purcha­sed by the project.
  • Prepares and defines the mate­rial mana­ge­ment proce­dures for the project rela­ted to : 
    • Material logis­tics at site,
    • Receiving, storage and main­te­nance, and mate­rial issuing,
    • Stock control and traceability,
    • Material repor­ting,
    • Administration of insu­rance claims and back-charges.
  • Prepares the material/equipment recei­ving and issuance requi­re­ments to be inclu­ded in the tender documents.
  • Receives and analyses mate­rial expe­di­ting status and ship­ping forecasts.
  • Sets up the orga­ni­za­tion of material/equipment recei­ving, inspec­tion, repor­ting and issuance.
  • Implementing and main­tai­ning systems to manage site mate­rial mana­ge­ment and control activities.
  • Implementing and main­tai­ning ware­hou­sing, laydown areas, loading and unloa­ding facilities.
  • Liaises with the Procurement group for coor­di­na­tion of expe­di­ting, customs clea­rance, and deli­very of material/equipment to ensure proper deli­very at Site at due time .
  • Receives handling/storage recom­men­da­tions, ensures staff are aware of special storage requi­re­ments for equip­ment and mate­rials, and super­vises storage and preser­va­tions of materials.
  • Arranges for loading/unloading of mate­rials at ports, inland trans­port, unloa­ding and storage at site.
  • Notifies Site Management plan­ning of mate­rial deliveries.
  • Supervises quan­tity veri­fi­ca­tion with packing lists, purchase orders, and mate­rial requisitions.
  • Supervises consi­gn­ment checks and inspec­tions to verify the condi­tion of goods received.
  • Supervises veri­fi­ca­tion, with Construction Supervisors/Coordinators and Field Engineers, of suspec­ted mate­rial discre­pan­cies and defaults.
  • Supervises mate­rial entry into inven­tory, and spot checks quan­ti­ties against stock records.
  • Issues Material Receiving Reports (MRR), Over, Short, Damage (OSD) reports, variance mate­rial reports and other excep­tion reports to Procurement and Cost Control per project procedures.
  • Liaises with the Field Engineering Manager to iden­tify and substan­tiate any missing mate­rials, and consi­der substi­tu­tion, repla­ce­ment, and upgra­ding of speci­fi­ca­tions prior to deci­sion to purchase.
  • Processes all valid requi­si­tions, recom­mends and obtains appro­vals for purchase, and coor­di­nates purcha­sing acti­vi­ties with Site Procurement Manager.
  • Implements and main­tains a docu­ment filing system for purcha­sing records, recei­ving & ship­ping docu­ments and mate­rial certificates.
  • Confirms letters of reserves for insu­rance claims, and issues and trans­port insu­rance claim notifications.
  • Using MARIAN soft­ware for mate­rial mana­ge­ment on site, noti­fies contrac­tors, after coor­di­na­ting with Construction Supervisors/Coordinators, when mate­rial is ready for collection.
  • Reports status of mate­rial recei­ving and issuance.
  • Optimizes the use of avai­lable mate­rials in order to enable a smooth work­load to contractors.
  • Manages for Owner/Client the spare parts.
  • Ensures the trans­por­ta­tion of all packing mate­rial, cable drums, etc. are retur­ned to suppliers.
  • Works with Procurement to initiate the sale of surplus mate­rials at the time of work completion.
  • Manages and moni­tors the orderly dispo­sal of contractor’s scraps and packing mate­rials accor­ding to the Waste Management Plan.
  • Ensure all mate­rials staff comply with company safety poli­cies, Occupational Health & Safety Act, and the Workplace Hazardous Material Information System (WHMIS).

Required experience and qualifications :

  • Bachelors degree in Purchasing, Materials Management or other rela­ted disci­pline required.
  • 10 years mate­rials mana­ge­ment expe­rience with on-site mate­rials mana­ge­ment expe­rience, and expe­rience at a Manager level.
  • International site mate­rials mana­ge­ment expe­rience on large indus­trial projects.
  • Well-deve­lo­ped working know­ledge of all Microsoft office applications.
  • Ability to write reports, busi­ness corres­pon­dence, and policy and proce­dures manuals.
  • Strong orga­ni­za­tio­nal skills and work ethic.
  • Be able to work under pres­sure, multi-task and meet deadlines.
  • Is a strong team player, comfor­table working in a fast-paced chan­ging environment.
  • Building Trust/Operating with Integrity and Leading Through Vision and Values.
  • Proactive with strong leader­ship, inter­per­so­nal skills and commu­ni­ca­tion expertise.
  • Collaborative and solu­tion-orien­ted approach to stra­te­gic planning.
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