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Hector Donacio

Social media has become an almost univer­sally adop­ted hiring tool, with 92 percent of recrui­ters surveyed using it as part of their process. 87 percent are using Linkedin, 55 percent are using Facebook, and 47 percent are using Twitter. Recruiters aren’t afraid of new networks either, with three percent using Snapchat during their process, as well as small forays into Vimeo, Tumblr and Periscope. Employee refer­rals are also impor­tant to the recrui­ting process, with 78 percent of recrui­ters finding their best candi­dates that way. 56 percent of recrui­ters saying they find some of their best candi­dates through social networks, follo­wed by online job boards at 37 percent.

Hector Donacio Community Manager, Alpha Concept

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