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Senior Mining Engineer

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The Company :

For our client, a leading mining orga­ni­sa­tion, we are sear­ching for a Senior French- spea­king Mining Engineer. The role will be resi­den­tial based in Gabon, Africa.

Responsibilities :

  • Complies with QHSE prac­tices with a view to conti­nuous improvement.
  • Implement cost reduc­tion actions.
  • Coordinates and manages all events of the mining acti­vity (sche­du­ling of equip­ment stop­pages for main­te­nance, extrac­tion and storage of ore for the plant and quality control).
  • Prepares mining plans and vali­dates main­te­nance plans with the Head of the Equipment Maintenance Department.
  • Develops opera­ting and invest­ment budgets of the depart­ment accor­ding to the objec­tives of produc­tion of mine­rals and fixed and variable costs defined.
  • Participate in the plan­ning of produc­tion shut­downs and main­te­nance equipment.
  • Performs the perio­dic analy­sis of produc­tion moni­to­ring indi­ca­tors (repor­ting data, dash­boards, failure rates, etc.) and budget variances and takes the neces­sary adjust­ment measures in the context of impro­ving performance.
  • Participate in and / or lead projects concer­ning his department.
  • Manages the HR of his depart­ment in colla­bo­ra­tion with the HRD de la Mine.
  • Establishes actions that mini­mize the impact of mining opera­tions on the envi­ron­ment and ensures compliance with regu­la­tory requirements
  • Ensures quality control opera­ted accor­ding to custo­mer specifications.
  • Maintains rela­tions with the social part­ners, the employees, and ensures the reas­sem­bly of the infor­ma­tion neces­sary for the mana­ge­ment of indus­trial rela­tions, and the descent of the messages deli­ve­red by the company.

Requirements – Qualification and Skill :

  • Mining engi­neer Degree with at least 8 years of mana­ge­rial expe­rience in the field of mining and geology (ore selec­ti­vity, mine protec­tion standards …).
  • Knowledge of mining tech­niques, gear and their capa­bi­li­ties, and rules of open pit mining (inclu­ding safety and the environment).
  • English and French proficiency.
  • Managerial skills of a very good level.
  • Conduct and moni­to­ring of indus­trial and mining projects.
  • Ability to manage situa­tions and make deci­sions in a context of strong constraints.
  • Loyalty to the company and intel­lec­tual honesty.
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